Working Out Loud

I create constantly. I don’t have a choice in that. What I haven’t done enough is to get enough of that work out into the world. Yes, I’ve had shows on multiple continents, in museums, in film festivals, but still…

I have bodies of photographic work that have been accumulating for a couple of decades. I have been creating video since the ’90s and still had Signal Culture residents ask whether I was a researcher. 

One of the first bodies of work I’ll be highlighting is my Simulacra series. The subjects of these documentary photographs are mannequins, wax figures, taxidermy and other residents in the uncanny valley. The images are composed to play upon the seemingly lifelike poses,  at the same time highlighting the falseness of the simulations. This beauty from a store window in Geneseo, New York is the first of the series I’ll be sharing.